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      This Is How You Glow

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           Being the sun worshippers that we are, winter weather tends to hit us pretty hard. Before you say anything—WE KNOW. We know we’re #blessed to be living in sunny San Diego, and that our winters are a total cakewalk compared to what those of you in the Midwest and on the East Coast are used to. But we also know that no matter where you live, making the transition from long, sunny days to shorter, darker ones is never easy. Though there’s nothing we can do to make summer come any sooner, we think we’ve found the next best thing.

           Three words: Coconut Body Glow. Like all of our Multitaskers, Coconut Body Glow starts out with 100% organic coconut oil. But that’s where the similarities end. That’s because our Body Glow contains natural, pearlescent minerals, which are what gives it that bronzy, “beach in a bottle” appearance. On top of that, the stuff smells like pure paradise (you can thank the Tiare flower extract for that), and is pro at imparting a subtle, sun kissed sheen wherever it’s applied. Not sure where to start? This is how you glow.

      Bronzy Body Lotion

      Skip the fake bake (seriously!!) and mix a few pumps of Body Glow into your moisturizer. Apply down the front of your legs for an elongating effect, and to your décolletage for a low-key, ladylike sheen.

      Kopari Blog Photo

      One Heck of a Highlighter

      Using your ring finger (it’s the one that applies the least pressure), dab a few drops of Coconut Body Glow onto your cheekbones, below your brows and down the bridge of your nose. Nobody will believe that you in fact, did not just come back from the beach.

      Kopari Blog Photo

      Lip Lifter

      Thanks in part to Kylie Jenner, lush lips are having a major moment. Pat a little Coconut Body Glow onto the center of your pout and along your cupid’s bow for lips that look instantly bigger.

      Kopari Blog Photo

      Easy On The Eyes

      Not an eyeshadow expert? Us either. But we’ve got a secret: one of the easiest ways to amp up your look is by dotting some Coconut Body Glow near the inner corners of your eyes.

      Kopari Blog Photo

      SPF-ing Awesome

      Coconut Body Glow plays well with others. When summer does finally come around, mix a few pumps into your sunscreen before every pool or beach sesh.

      Kopari Blog Photo

      Your Clothes Are Safe With Us

      Before getting dressed, it’s best to let Coconut Body Glow dry a bit. However, if it does end up getting on your clothes, don’t freak—launder normally and it’ll wash right out.

      Kopari Blog Photo

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