Kopari Crush

Terms & Agreements

When joining the Kopari Crush program we ask that you register on our influencer management platform called Brandchamp.  The platform will act as the primary tool for growing brand awareness in the way of “challenges” for you to complete.  In most cases these will be social media based.  The various challenges will be defined and listed for you to see when you log-in to your account.  From there, you will be able to pick and choose what you want do on a weekly and monthly basis.  Rewards for each challenge completed will be given to you in form of purchase credit and other prizes.

For every challenge completed there is verification required, usually through attaching a link to the specific post in Brandchamp.  Once you complete this step it will be reviewed by the Kopari team for acceptance.  At the end of each month, statements of completed challenges will be pulled and rewards will be distributed to you through Brandchamp.  

The following perks and responsibilities are valid for as long as you remain in the Kopari Crush program.  Kopari reserves the right to dismiss you from the program if monthly activity is not maintained.  Crush members may also choose to end their membership at any time by emailing koparicrush@koparibeauty.com.


  • Complimentary Kopari product upon joining
  • Purchase credit for participating in on-going promotional challenges
  • Discount promotions to offer friends and family
  • Special shipments of new products to test and provide feedback on
  • Special shipments to promote for specific social media initiatives
  • Opportunity to be featured in social media and blogs, emails and possibly site
  • Invitation to regional events Kopari participates in
  • Invitation to Crush retreats


  • Minimum of two IG postings per month about any product and telling why you love it
  • Like, share, or comment per month on Kopari content (IG or FB)
  • Join private Crush-only Facebook Page
  • When Kopari product is promoted there are no competing products mentioned
  • Attend regional events when requested and act as a Kopari spokesperson
  • Photo rights given when Kopari is mentioned or included
  • Report on what competition is doing
  • Tell us what you want to see from Kopari as well as what your networks want to see
  • Share ideas for new products on the market that Kopari should do
  • Answer community questions on all social platforms
  • Attend monthly video chat (webinar) to hear of updates, learn about new product, and more