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Molly Hogan

Hi, guys! I’m Molly, a style and travel blogger based in sunny Souther California. From tropical destinations to lazy days in LA, I always keep my favorite all natural Kopari products close!

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  • Organic Coconut Melt

    Organic Coconut Melt

    I use Kopari Coconut Melt for everything. I apply it all over before my shower to use as a balm for shaving + exfoliating, as a moisturizer after a day in the sun to preserve my tan, as an oil for massaging sore muscles and SO much more.

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  • Coconut Lip Glossy

    Coconut Lip Glossy

    If I were only allowed one product in my makeup bag, it would be Lip Love! It keeps my lips so soft and moisturized, plus a little shine to keep me camera ready.

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  • Coconut Cleansing Oil

    Coconut Cleansing Oil

    Hard, chemical filled face washes had left my skin dry and stressed out for years... until I found Cleansing Oil! It's made from natural ingredients that I can actually pronounce, like white tea, hibiscus and coconut oil. It leaves my skin clean, soft and dewy!

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