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Almost 30

The Almost 30 Podcast is a lifestyle podcast hosted by us, that's transformed into a badass community all over the world. We were born from the transition from our twenties to our thirties, but in doing the work realized it's so much more than that. We want to give our listeners the tools, guidance and resources to propel their personal growth, love themselves and their lives.

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  • Coconut Skincare Essentials

    Coconut Skincare Essentials

    "I'm a girl that loves a routine. I've been loving my morning and nighttime ritual. Kopari's Skincare Essentials has transformed my skin from dry and dull to moisturized and glowing like WOAH" -Lindsey

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  • Coconut Crush Scrub

    Coconut Crush Scrub

    "Nothing has made my skin as soft as the coconut crush scrub. I love that it's so moisturizing that I feel like I don't need lotion after I shower!" -Krista

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  • Coconut Body Oil

    Coconut Body Oil

    "I am a huge OILS girl, and this one is by far my favorite. It's smells amazing, and makes my skin dewey glow. SUCH A FAN!" -Lindsey

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Have fun, keep it real and change peoples lives. Have fun, keep it real and change peoples lives. Palm Tree Illustration Palm Tree Illustration
“Have fun, keep it real and change peoples lives. ”